Dec 16, 2010


"Lost Utopia" is the title of the edition of prints I made in my Experimental Printmaking class. The concept of this print spawned from my interest in the geodesic dome both in form and theory. Because it was the final project I had more time to develop my concept over time through research and sketching. I really enjoyed learning more about Buckminster Fuller himself by watching documentaries and biographical videos about him. To hear him talk about his work and explain where it all comes from is a fascinating and extremely interesting experience and this helped inform my attitude about his influence on the world today in that it seems to have disappeared. I saw this process over time to be very...sad... especially after having felt like I was able to get to know him better through the video research I had done.

Ultimately the message of this print is about how we often get swept up in the moment of great ideas, however most fail to fully grasp the concept and therefore these ideas over time fade and become part of history because the pieces never quite fit together. The geodesic dome at that time in history was an extremely proven to be efficient use of materials, space, and money. I find the problem of space and living conditions to still be an issue today. So what happened to all Buckminster Fuller's ideas about the geodesic dome and other sustainable living structures? We forgot about them, we let them go.

The background is tiled inkjet acetate transfers. The flawed, miscalculated geodesic dome shapes were silk screened on top followed by the text.

Edition of 5

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